Tummy Tuck

What is a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery procedure where excess fat and skin is removed from the abdomen to create a flatter stomach. The surgery can also tighten the abdomen muscles as well as removing or reduce any unwanted stretch marks or scars. Many people choose to have a tummy tuck following pregnancy for these reasons.

Tummy tuck operations are conducted under general anaesthetic so patients are asleep during the procedure. As with all operations conducted by general anaesthetic, patients must fast before the procedure.

A tummy tuck can give permanent results as long as a healthy weight is maintained. Anyone considering getting a tummy tuck must be aware that it is not a method of preventing weight gain in the future.

Before deciding whether to go ahead with a tummy tuck it is important that you have in depth discussions with an experienced and qualified surgeon to ensure you are aware of all the considerations and risks.

This information was provided by tummy tuck surgeons.

Tummy Tuck

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